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Emsworth Bowling Club

Members Guide


                                                                                     MEMBERS GUIDE



                                                                                                                             PAGE NO.

            Essential Club data                                                                                           1

            Club Officers, Year Book, Clubhouse entry, desk, letter-rack                         2

            Club Documents, website, telephone & clubhouse notice boards                   3

            Ladies’ & Men’s locker room notice boards, storeroom, shed                        4       

            Booking rinks, wet weather play                                                                     5

            Club rules, dress code, smoking                                                                      6

            Organised Club playing events                                                                        7

            Skill Development, coaching opportunities, booklet purchase                        8

            A sample development pathway                                                                      9

           EBC Club competitions, challenging procedure                                             10

            Ladies Leagues                                                                                               11

            Men’s Leagues and mixed league                                                                  12

            Special events                                                                                                 13

            Housekeeping                                                                                                 14


Page 1.

         ADDRESS:                                                               Emsworth Bowling Club, Diamond Jubilee Recreation Ground, Horndean Road,    Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7PT

        TELEPHONE:       01243 377297

        Website:   www.emsworthbowlingclub.com

         or type:         emsworth bowling club           into your search engine.


         Emsworth Bowling Club is affiliated to:

Bowls England, Hampshire County Bowling Association, Portsmouth & District Bowling Association, Hampshire County Women’s Bowling Association, Portsmouth & District Women’s Bowling Association.


The Club is open from April through to September, usually 10.00.a.m. until dusk, 7 days a week. It offers a mixed and varied club programme which should appeal to both new and experienced bowlers whether working or retired.   During the winter months there are regular events which enable players to meet together plus weekly bridge and cribbage.


Page 2.


A list of positions and responsibilities is contained in the Club Rules & Constitution booklet.  The current holders of club posts are shown in the Club Organisation Chart and the Emsworth Bowling Club Yearbook.

        YEAR BOOK

This is available for members at the men’s and ladies’ pre-season meetings, after which it may be picked up from the club house. It contains all information relevant to the coming season i.e. match fixtures, dates for special events, catering teams, men’s stewarding rota, and all members contact details.




The gate has a combination padlock for which there is a code. This should not be left on the gate with the opening code visible. It is best if the padlock is placed on the desk whilst the Club is in use.

The Club House door has 3 keys.  All members can purchase a key (price £4) for the centre lock from the Club Hon. Treasurer. This is the only lock used during the playing season after the steward has opened the Club for the day.

The last person to leave the Club must ensure that all the lights are all turned off, doors are shut and the Club House door is locked, also that the shed is locked. The gate must be shut and secured with the padlock. The code should then be scrambled.



There are three important books on the desk:         

  1. The Attendance Book

All members and guests must enter their name in the Attendance Book each time they visit the club

  1. Stewards Roster Book

The steward’s roster gives all the information about the bowls green for each day, i.e. The steward’s name, the direction of the rinks, and the colour placement of the rinks.

  1. The Desk Diary

The Desk Diary has all the events of the day documented.  e,g. the time and names of leagues being played and the number of rinks required.


         LETTER RACK:

To the left of the main door on entering the club is a letter rack divided alphabetically. Members are often left messages and other information here and should check this on each attendance at the Club.


Page 3.


Below the letter rack is a bookcase offering books for sale. On the top of this is a yellow folder containing copies of key club documents such as the Constitution, Club Organisation Chart and Members Guide.  It also contains copies of the Laws of the Game, and other important documents from Portsmouth and District Bowling Association, Bowls Hampshire and Bowls England.  These documents should not be removed from the Clubhouse and must be replaced in their labelled sleeve after perusal.


There is also a folder containing copies of the Club’s Management and General Committees Minutes (these are also available on the website).


Additionally there is a suggestion book in which members may add ideas for improving or developing any aspect of the club’s activities which will be considered by the relevant committee with feedback to the contributor.


Emsworth Bowling Club has a new website.  The address is emsworthbowlingclub.com and, when completed, will contain a wealth of information including the up to date Constitution and Members Guide, all Club minutes, urgent notices, Club fixtures and results, etc.  Please take a look!


Situated in the storeroom. Put 20p in the box if you need to make a call. The number is: 01243 377297 


Page 4.                              


Information on all notice boards changes frequently and it is the responsibility of each member to keep themselves informed by reading these notices.  On the right of the Store Room is a general noticeboard divided into THREE sections

  1. Left- hand side are notices of forthcoming events. Used for Special Bowling and Social events.                                                                            
  2. The centre contains all information about EBC Club Competitions. Before the season begins entry forms are displayed, and during the season, names and all competition details are on the board.                                                                                                                                 
  3. Right-hand side shows entry forms for all Friendly Matches and Reflex Triples information. On the left of the kitchen there is a General Noticeboard where members can display Social Activities and advertise bowls equipment for sale. Permission should be gained from the Club Secretary to advertise on this board.


The Notice Board on the left hand wall is divided into two sections: P&D (Portsmouth & District) and County

  1. – on the left hand side all P&D information including entry forms for P&D friendly matches, luncheons etc.
  2. - on the right hand side contains all County information plus invitations to Opens from other clubs.

The Notice Board on the right of the toilets is divided into two sections:

1          Green – contains P&D League information: Teams, dates and weekly results. Also includes Top Club, Thornbery Trophy,  and                          Inter-club Triples.

2          Brown – will have all the League information: teams, dates and results


This will show the selected teams for the Men’s Leagues, the results of League matches, and the current League position.

Before the start of the season, a list is displayed requesting men to indicate their availability to play in a team, and their preferred position, if selected. Also include dates when they may not be available. The Men’s Captain and vice-Captain select from this list.

Other notices may be displayed concerning stewarding or P&D games. 


The contents include the First Aid Box, Accident Report Book, Bowls measuring equipment, jacks and yard sticks together with bowling shoes and a selection of woods which new players can borrow for the first couple of months of membership.  These cannot be taken off the premises. All woods bear serial numbers and these are recorded on the club bowls inventory.  Woods must be kept in their sets and returned to the proper storage spot. Woods should be signed OUT and IN every time they are used.


  It contains all green equipment such as mats, green protective mats, scoreboards, measuring sticks, pushers, etc.  ALL EQUIPMENT MUST BE RETURNED NEATLY AFTER USE AND THE SHED LOCKED. THE KEY MUST BE RETURNED TO THE CLUBHOUSE  ALTHOUGH MEMBERS CAN PURCHASE THEIR OWN KEY FROM THE TREASURER.


Page 5.


 Rinks must be booked using the Desk Diary. 

All club league, friendly and other competitive commitments are shown in the Diary together with internal club playing events such as the Monday afternoon drives, Tuesday Men’s morning, Wednesday morning friendly roll-up (3 rinks), Friday ladies’ afternoon and special events.

N.B.  Rinks cannot be booked for individual roll-ups


             WET WEATHER PLAY:

It is the responsibility of the Green Ranger to decide if the whole green or particular rinks are unfit to play. A notice will be displayed on the desk or easel board when necessary. Notice will also be given as to when the ‘green protective matting’ is to be used. These may also be required at other times during the season. Please ask to be shown how to use these mats. They do a vital job in protecting the green.   


Page 6.                       

        CLUB RULES

       Dress Code:

Emsworth Bowling Club still adopts the traditional bowls clothing of grey below the waist and white above except when full whites are specified.  This applies to Members and guests.

Ladies may wear:

  1. Regulation bowling skirt or cullottes of regular style (with four invert pleats -two at the front and two at the back) falling below the knee at the front and below the knee crease at the back.
  2. Tailored trousers
  3. Tailored, cropped trousers which should fall midway between the knee and ankle but only in roll-ups, drives and internal club competitions.
  4. White, shirt-style blouse
  5. White, plain waistcoat, cardigan or pullover.
  6. Headgear, if worn, should be white.
  7. Regulation flat-soled bowling shoes can be brown, white or grey.
  8. Sandals are not permitted on the green.
  9. Lady members are expected to wear a club cravat when representing the club in friendly or league matches, competing in outside competitions and at special club events.
  10. Tracksuits, shell suits and jeans are not acceptable.
  11. Wet weather clothing should be predominantly white.

Men may wear:

  1. Tailored trousers
  2. Tailored shorts and white sports socks but only in roll-ups, drives and internal club competitions
  3. White shirt
  4. White, plain waistcoat, cardigan or pullover
  5. Headgear, if worn, should be white.
  6. Flat-soled bowling shoes can be brown, white or grey
  7. Sandals are not permitted on the green
  8. Male members are expected to wear a club tie when representing the club in friendly or league matches, competing in outside competitions and at special club events.
  9. Tracksuits, shell suits and jeans are not acceptable.
  10. Wet weather clothing should be predominantly white.



  Page 7.         


  1.  A Club Drive is held every Monday throughout the season at 2.00 p.m. Members should be at the clubhouse not later than 1.30 p.m.  A small payment is levied upon registration.
  2. Tuesday Morning :  The green is reserved for a men’s roll-up every Tuesday morning, 10 – 12 a.m.
  3. Wednesday Friendly Roll-up:Three rinks are reserved for a mixed roll-up every Wednesday morning.  An opportunity for all members to meet and play.  Teams selected by token.
  4. Friday Ladies’ Afternoon:The green is reserved for lady members every Friday afternoon,


  1. Friendly Matches: There are friendly matches against other clubs most weekends, some at home and some away. Check the noticeboard and Year Book for dates. Add your name to the match list to indicate your availability to play.  Please tick your name on the team list if you have been chosen to play.   Dress – can be either greys or whites – please check the board.  Cars are normally shared for away matches.


  1. Weekend Triples: When you sign to play in the weekend triples you are named on a team of up to five players. The Leader will give you the dates when you will play matches take place on a Saturday or Sunday during the season.  If a date is inconvenient, then you arrange with another team member to play for you or contact one of the reserves.

Dress – greys.

  1.  Round Robin Triples: This event takes place over one or two days in September. The Competition secretary chooses mixed teams of three. Each team plays every other team.  Dress – greys.


Page 8.



Coaches (either English Bowls Coaching Association and/or Bowls England qualified) are available to help individuals by arrangement and the County Coaching Team visit on request should there be sufficient people needing their help.  Such sessions can include video analysis to help individuals diagnose and work on problems which have developed within their play.  A small charge is made to cover costs.

             Developing skills in those new to bowls:

An EBCS Beginners Course for new players is available each season in the Club.  This  consists of four 1 ½ hour sessions over a four week period.  In each session the rules of the game are introduced as appropriate:

  1. This session covers placing the mat correctly, casting the jack, the effect of bias on the woods, correct bowl delivery, choosing the line and green and identifying the shoulder.
  2. This session gives practice in casting and centring the jack and drawing to it on both forehand and backhand at three different lengths.The different types of shot are explained.
  3. This session explains the different roles of players in pairs, triples and rinks (team of four) and introduces keeping a scoreboard and scorecard, together with protocol at the start and finish of a game.Simple measuring is practised and a qualified umpire demonstrates the use of instruments and equipment for more complex measurements.
  4. This session is predominantly a game with each player being given the opportunity to play each role.Depending on the number of players available, this could be a pairs, a triples or a rinks game.

             A small charge may be made for each session.

EBCA booklets (Guide for Beginners, Guide for Improvers) can be purchased.  Similarly, the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark Third Edition, effective from 1st April 2015) can be purchased from Bowls England.


Page 9.        

              A Sample Development Pathway:

  1. New players will find attending either the Tuesday morning men’s roll-up or the Friday afternoon ladies’ roll-up as appropriate or the mixed friendly roll-up on Wednesday mornings really helpful.
  2. The next step is perhaps the Monday afternoon Drive which entails a different sort of scoring and is competitive, with prize money and an annual trophy.
  3. Each season a Beginners Luck Competition is held just for those who started playing bowls in the current season.
  4. Opportunities will occur during the season to gain experience in other Club competitions, such as the weekend triples, the September vase (men only) and other club events such as Captains versus Presidents, President’s Day, etc.
  5. Experience of play against other clubs can be gained by playing in one of the regular friendly matches, some of which are at home, others away.
  6. Competitive play in leagues will obviously depend on progress and skill development but there are many opportunities for men in particular as the Club is involved in a number of leagues.Ladies normally start by involvement in the Havant Ladies League and then on to the other leagues as they gain experience.
  7. New players are encouraged to put their names down for Club Internal Competitions in their second year.
  8. There are a number of external competitions which can be entered by individuals – from Open Competitions at other local clubs to Portsmouth & District and County Competitions.


Page 10.


All members may participate in these competitions by entering their name on the Entry Form posted on the notice board. COMPETITORS WHO WOULD BE UNABLE TO PLAY ON THE DATES OF THE FINALS MUST NOT ENTER THE COMPETITIONS.


                        2 wood singles

                        4 wood singles

                        Ladies’ pairs

                        Men’s pairs

                        Mixed pairs

                        Handicap singles – mixed

September Vase – open to men not in any final in the current season

John Durant Trophy   4 wood singles, (open to Ladies who have never won an EBC Club singles competition)

Beginners Luck – new bowlers only



2 wood singles         Play 21 ends                                                Marker required

4 wood singles         The first player to reach 21 shots                Marker required

Pairs – 4 woods       Play 21 ends

Triples – 3 woods    Play 18 ends


Rinks (4 per team) – 2 woods       Play 21 ends



Challengers (the first named) are responsible for contacting their opponent to arrange a date, for choosing a rink and writing it in the desk diary. Check the diary for availability before you contact your opponent. Ideally, you should give the choice of 3 dates over a 3 week period to allow for booked holidays and a variety of times (a.m., p.m., evening).  If any of your opponents work, then it may be necessary to choose evenings or weekends.   When you have agreed a date and time, write the time and chosen rink in the desk diary at least one week in advance. (It is wise to add, in brackets, the date you booked the rink).   If the challenger does not contact their opponent within two weeks, then it is up to the opponent to make contact.

If you are playing a singles, then it is also the challenger’s responsibility to get a   marker.      Always choose a competent marker. No one is too busy or important to be asked to mark a match. Most are delighted to do so. 

In every instance it is the responsibility of members to ensure that all jacks, mats, scoreboards, and other club equipment be returned to their rightful storage place after use


Page 11.

            LADIES LEAGUES:

             Emsworth Ladies enter two leagues:

  1. The Portsmouth & District (P&D), two teams of two rinks (four players per rink). The league has 4 divisions, A – D, as well as a single rinks competition and is normally played on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, home and away.

     2.)  Havant Ladies League, two triples teams (three players in each triple), playing other clubs in Havant U.D.C., home and away. Matches are  mostly played afternoons or early evening, althogh for the evening matches, priority is given to ladies who work .



1)         Top Club – a mixed Hampshire County Competition comprised of a singles, a pairs, a triples and a rinks (four players) match.

2)         Thornbery Trophy – a Hampshire County Competition comprised of two rinks (two teams of four).         

3)         Ladies P & D Challenge Cup consists of four matches – one singles, one pairs, one triple and one rink.

4)         Inter-Club Triples – a P&D competition comprised of two triples.

5)         External Individual Competitions – both Portsmouth & District and Hampshire County run competitions for individual players, pairs, triples, and rinks. These are open to all ladies. Application forms will be posted on the notice board.



The entry forms for these are put on the first Notice Board in the Ladies Cloakroom and they are open to all ladies.  Selection is made by the P & D Committee and successful players informed accordingly.   A coach is arranged for distant venues for which a charge is made and a P & D cravat and P & D bowls stickers will be required.    Once a player has played three times in these matches, they are awarded their P & D Badge.


Page 12.    

          MEN’S LEAGUES:

          Emsworth Men enter four leagues:

1          Portsmouth & District (P&D) - Four Rinks (four players per rink) - a League of four divisions played on Friday evenings. Home and Away.

2          P&D Combination – Three Rinks - Five divisions usually played on Wednesday evenings. Home and Away.

3          P&D Midweek Triples – Eastern Division – three Rinks.  Usually played on Thursday afternoons. Home and Away.

4          P&D Combination Triple.   Usually played on Tuesday afternoons. Home and Away. 



Rowlands Cup – Organised by P&D.  This is a competition of four rinks.  Clubs across Portsmouth and District may enter and the competition is un-seeded.

             MIXED LEAGUES:

A Reflex inter-club mixed triples is organised by the Club Captain.   Teams play each  other twice during the season - home and away.


Page 13.

            SPECIAL EVENTS:

            Club Open Day

Help is always appreciated from members on this day. New members are the future of the club.  Members should wear greys with club tie/cravat.

            Horse Race Night

Bring your own tipple, supper is provided .  No skill required.  Different fancy dress theme each year (optional).

          Anniversary Day

This is celebrated by a Round Robin competition against six local invited clubs for a Challenge Cup, followed by a meal. This is held on a Saturday at the end of June/early July (Dress – whites with club tie/cravat). 

        Anniversary Drive

This is played on the following Monday, the winner receiving a trophy.

        President v Captain

This is chosen from the list of members signed up to play for teams picked by the President and the Club Captain. It is a six rinks match followed by a meal, players contributing either a savoury or sweet and bringing their own drink.  Dress – whites with club tie/cravat.

       President’s Day

Each President’s day is unique and always enjoyable. Support this year’s President and their chosen charity by attending their day.  The format of the game and the required dress code will be decided by the incumbent President.

      Finals Weekend

Do come and cheer on your colleagues who have excelled in reaching the finals. They will be wearing whites with club tie/cravat and an umpire will be officiating.  Top class entertainment is guaranteed over these two days.

      Ladies v Gents and Meal

This is a fun day when the ladies and the gents spar with each other for supremacy. Dress code = whites, club ties and cravats.  The match is followed by an 'American Supper'….bring your own tipple. Some players like to change into mufti before eating!

       End of Season Olympics 

The outdoor season ends with a novelty afternoon when players are asked to perform unusual feats. No task is too difficult even for beginners. Most events are played in teams.  Dress code – wear what you like, any colour, any style!  Even fancy dress, should this take your fancy.


The club challenges or receives a challenge from another bowls club which makes for a happy and spirited evening!  The EBC team places are limited to 24 so early signing up is advised.  Food, a cuppa and a free raffle are included.                                        

       Annual Presentation Dinner:

The presentation of trophies takes place at a dinner, usually October, at a venue decided by the Management Committee. This has been very successfully held at Emsworth Sailing Club for the past couple of years. All members are encouraged to attend.


This is held in November in the clubhouse. Officers are elected and members vote on any proposals for changes to the Constitution for the following year. It is important that every member attend. The Club presents two awards each year at this meeting

1.         The Eileen Harris Cup is awarded to the most improved novice lady player.

2.         The Eric Taylor Decanter is awarded to the Lady or Gentleman who is considered to have contributed most to the club, off the green.

Nominations are submitted before the AGM and the winner is the person who gets the most votes from the members present.


This is played in the clubhouse on Monday afternoons from 1.45 – 4.15p.m.  Sessions begin at the end of September until the end of March.  Come and bring your friends.  There is a small charge which includes tea and biscuits.  Beginners welcome.


This is played on Tuesday afternoon, place, times, duration and costs as above. Beginners welcome.


An annual cheese & wine event is held at the club house between 12 – 1.30p.m.This is always delicious and enjoyable.


Held in December, EBC provides mince pies and mulled wine for all members. Attendance highly recommended. 


Clubhouse 10.30 a.m. Held to wish each member a Happy New Year and to enable annual subscriptions to be paid.


             A January lunch for all lady playing and social members.  Venues vary.    



Page 14.



There are facilities for making tea/coffee in the kitchen. Cold drinks and biscuits are also supplied, there is a small charge made for these and money should be put in the honesty box kept in one of the drawers just inside the kitchen. Please check for current price


The catering is undertaken by the ladies. Every lady does at least one session in the kitchen throughout the season but not in their first year of membership.  Details are in the Year Book.


Stewardship is undertaken by the men in alphabetical order but not in their first year of membership. They open the club by 9 a.m., set up the rinks, turn on the water, etc.  The list on the desk shows the direction of rinks, etc.   At dusk, they clear the green and lock up the clubhouse. 


All rubbish should be put in black bags and removed from the premises by event organisers or duty stewards and disposed of.  Bags should not be put in the bins in the carpark as these are raided by foxes.