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Is Bowls for you?

Thinking about taking up Bowls? Why not give it a try?

But don’t think looking it up in the internet before you start will be any help. You’ll get plenty of ‘beginners guides’ to Bowls. Ignore them - mostly they are written by people who haven’t been beginners for years. They make the game seem complex and difficult.

It isn’t difficult. It’s just a game where players try to get their Bowls as close as possible to the target - a little white  ball called the Jack - by rolling them along the green. The winner is the player or team who gets their Bowl(s) closest to the Jack.

Obviously it isn’t quite as easy as that - you probably already know that the Bowls have a bias on them which means they are actually delivered with curved trajectory. How this works is easier demonstrate then explain.  But as a game it is really very simple in essence.

Each year we also have a special Open Day where anybody can come along and try the game. In 2020 this was cancelled but keep checking back for next year's dates. 

Your Questions Answered

Bowls is a game that:

1) can be explained face to face in about five minutes - it really is that simple.

2) can be played immediately by complete beginners with enjoyment.

3) has skills which can be developed as far as the player desires.

4) is equally enjoyable as a social activity or competitively.

5) often includes refreshments.

6) requires minimum expenditure for the beginner.

7) uses equipment, bowls, which will often last a lifetime and are often available cheaply second hand. 

8) offers enough luck for even new players to have their ‘day in the sun’.

9) supplies more excuses to explain poor performances than any other sport - it need never be your fault!

10) is not just for older people - it is for everyone.